Welcome to Kirisute's 'Ultimate mega Freebie Pack'!!

The primary goal was to provide a download location for Kirisute's Ultimate mega Freebie Pack!!
That goal has been reached:
A total of 19 PDF files (58 MB) and 84 Zip files (397 MB) are updated and now available.

Note from Kirisute:
"This is pretty much everything I can find!
from my first releases like M3 Adonis and Silvermane characters,
through to my latest releases like Ballistic and The Cimmerian.
Also included are all my tutorials about postwork and suchlike!!
on top of that ive thrown in the "special requests" like un-textured Warcraft weapon recreations and one off models;
as well as the very sought after DarkPact swords and my V3 characters like the Vampyre and Amazons packs.
On top of that you will also have Gabriel (my Crow character) and Rapheal (the warrior)
which both include awesome clothing sets by Frances"

This website has been initiated by: Safeunderdark.
Safeunderdark would like to thank:
Looneytaz82 who uploaded the first files.
Houri for temporary providing the PDF's.
Vitusware for providing continuing online accesability.

And last but not least Kirisute for providing these great Freebies!

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Files are provided "as is", please Send Mail if a file is corrupt, or unusable, thank you.